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The Rudd House Museum is situated in Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Rudd House is a typical example of a home built for the wealthy residents in the 19th Century. The house was built in the late 1800’s and was known as “The Bungalow” and originally only had four rooms. Mining magnate Charles Dunnell Rudd took ownership of the home in 1896 and passed it on to his son Henry Percy Rudd. Henry made extensive additions to the house in his time and the home was eventually donated to the McGregor Museum in 1971.

The house is surrounded by verandas and has been restored to its former glory with lavish fittings and furniture of the time. It boasts a billiard room with a full-size billiard table which is still in excellent condition. The house was built with a full servants area which included the kitchen, a Butlers Drawing Room and a bell service from each room to call upon the servants – very Downton Abbey.

Rudd House is also known to be one of the many haunted buildings in Kimberley and it is said that Henry Percy Rudd himself haunts the sick room. Other stories include a lady in white appearing on the balcony and that the staff quarters can boast at least six ghosts in their courtyard.

Things to do and see

  • Tours (by appointment only)
  • Billiard Room
  • Green House
  • Red Room & Old Night Nursery (said to be haunted)
  • Tower
  • Servants quarters & kitchen
  • Large Fig Tree feature
  • Kimberley Ghost Trails (part of)


Viewing is by appointment only.

Closed on Good Friday & Christmas Day

An admission fee is charged. Please contact the museum directly to confirm prices.


Kimberley experiences rainfall mainly in the summer months with the highest occurring in February and March.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 17˚C and 32˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 0˚C and 17˚C.


There are daily flights into Kimberley from O R Tambo Airport in Johannesburg and from Cape Town International Airport. Car rental facilities are available.

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