Horseshoe Falls can be found 4kms off the Old Lydenburg Road along the Sabie River in Mpumalanga.

A short walk through the beautiful terrain soon leads to a cascade type of falls with the added opportunity to spot magnificent birdlife and other wildlife.

These horseshoe shaped falls were aptly named as they have a circular appearance and although not very high, they are very unusual and have been declared a national monument.

For just a small fee visitors can explore this spectacular area and after a delicious picnic, enjoy swimming in the refreshing pools or just admire the tranquil unique beauty of the area.

Horseshoe Falls is also a popular trout fishing destination and is definitely not to be missed.

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Horseshoe Falls
 Komatieland Forests

Sabie River, Old Lydenburg Road, Sabie
Thaba Chweu Rural
MpumalangaAfrique du Sud
25° 7′ 50,268″ S, 30° 41′ 40,92″ E
work: +27 13 754 2789
work: +27 13 764 1058

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