Butterfly World

Butterflies and so much more…..

Butterfly World is one of the more unique attractions of the Cape Winelands. It is situated at the crossroads of Paarl, Stellenbosch and Welllington, close to the small village of Klapmuts. It is only an hours’ drive from Cape Town making it highly accessible to tourists visiting the area and well worth the trip!

It is the largest free flying park for butterflies in South Africa after opening in November 1996.

This extraordinary venue invites visitors to wander around its tropical garden, housed in a 1000 m² green house, with numerous free flying exotic butterflies. Great care was taken while landscaping this exquisitely beautiful indoor garden with exotic plants and plenty of water features which alone gives pleasure to guests ambling through along footpaths. Colourful butterfly friendly birds along with other interesting animals complete this picture of paradise.

Butterfly World imports approximately 300 pupae from breeding farms in countries such as China, Costa Rica and Malaysia each week, all year round, making this attraction one which richly rewards its visitors with sure sightings of these delicate creatures.

This tropical jungle however, is not only about butterflies and is divided into different sections which house unique animal exhibits. The Park has grown over the years into a fun and education venue as well as a facility which provides a home to unwanted, donated or confiscated exotic animals from tropical Parrots to Tortoises and tropical Fish.

Things to do and see

  • Tropical Butterfly garden
  • Interactive Section with free roaming Blue Duiker, Marmoset Monkeys & Tropical Parrots
  • Spider, Scorpion & Aquatic Room
  • Reptile Bay: Chameleons, snakes, lizards, dragons etc.
  • Indoor Aviary (free flight room)
  • Outdoor Section: Meerkats, tortoises, hedgehogs etc.
  • Jungle Leaf Café
  • Gift Shop
  • Party Venue
  • School Tours
  • Wheelchair Friendly


Children under 3yrs of age are free.

Admission for Children, Adults and Pensioner vary between R41 and R72.

Group Discounts and Yearly Admission Memberships are available.

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Butterfly World directly to confirm all pricing.

At times the park may experience problem with their Telkom lines, please contact them via email should you not get throuhg on the phone. Staff can access their emails on their mobile devices. Thank You

Please note that we are closed on Christmas Day

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