Bokkom Avenue

“Bokkom Capital of the World”

Velddrift is a small fishing village along the Cape West Coast and is most well-known for its bokkom factories. “Bokkoms” is essentially dried fish and is still traditionally hand-dried in Velddrift in the historic Bokkoms Avenue. The town offers a wide variety of recreational activities including arts and crafts, fishing and wonderful seafood restaurants, all of which can be found on this fascinating route through the town.

Bokkoms Avenue runs along the banks of the Berg River and is a place where tourists can see plenty of “bokkoms” strung up in bunches as fishermen practice their trade in exactly the same way they have been for the last 150 years - except that today the catching of mullet in the river is prohibited.  It must now be netted in the open sea just off Laaiplek. Nevertheless, the Avenue has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time and from about five o’ clock each day you can watch the Pelican’s come to steal scraps from these local fishermen.

The route down this narrow strip is easy on the eye, fishing boats, some sail boats and some children swimming in the river all add to the relaxed feeling of this small village. Several restaurants can be found along the waterside and it is highly recommended that you stop for a while and absorb a little of the local friendliness and atmosphere. Browse the crafts shop and the art studio, you sure to find the perfect memento to remember your trip by. 

Things to do and see

  • Berg River Fisherman Bokkom Stalls
  • Bokkom Factory Visit
  • Bokkom Visserye (Fish Factory)
  • Guided Rides on the Berg River
  • Ek en Djy Restaurant & Shop
  • Die Vishuis Restaurant
  • Marina Clunie River Studio


Take a stroll down one of the oldest roads in Velddrift, sights to enjoy are best during daylight hours. 

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