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The Touw River Pass, also referred to as the Duiwelskop Pass, is the fourth Pass, driving west to east, along the 7 Passes Road. The famous road between George and Knysna in fact has 8 Passes along the route and they are: Swartrivier Pass; Kaaimansgat Pass; Silver River Pass; Touw River Pass; Hoogekraal Pass; Karatara Pass; Homtini Pass and the Phantom Pass.

This Pass, along with the first three were built by Adam de Smit, Thomas Bain’s brother-in-law. It seems Thomas Bain himself was held up while building the Homtini Pass which proved to be the most difficult to complete of the 8 Passes. The gravel road is vitually unchanged with the exception of the original wooden bridge which was washed away in a flood and replaced in the early 1900’s. The Pass most resembles the Kaaimansgat and Silver River Passes in character, but it is the biggest of the Passes and the most prone to flooding.

Touw River Pass can be reached from either end. From George, drivers can either drive the Swartrivier, Kaaimansgat and Silver River Passes or can travel via Heights road in Wilderness.  From the eastern end, Knysna, the Pass can be reached via the small village of Hoekwil, also from Wilderness along the Hoekwil Road.

The Touw River Pass is approximately halfway along the 7 Passes Road and is one of the easiest to drive in terms of bends and gradients. At the bridge there is place to park, this is a lovely spot to take a swim and cool off in the river. A few locals are usually found here over the weekends, enjoying the walk, the water and the scenery.

Thing to do and see

  • 7 Passes Road
  • Touw River
  • Touw River Bridge Crossing
  • Swimming & Picnicking
  • Garden Route Scenery
  • Walking & Cycling
  • Half Collared Kingfisher Hiking Trail (nearby)


Free to Drive

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