A symbolic traditional Zulu beer pot on a beaded ring marks the entrance to the eMakhosini valley.

It stands on a lookout hill, Khumba, and is surrounded by sculptured horns and tusks of indigenous animals once found in this area, symbolising the seven kings who lie buried in the valley.

Friezes depicting everyday Zulu life surround the pot.

The memorial and the park that surrounds it lies along the banks of the Umfolozi river and is symbolic of the proud, living heritage of the Zulu people.

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Spirit of eMakhosini Monument
 Isabel Dlamini

Adresse: eMakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park
KwaZulu-NatalAfrique du Sud
28° 24′ 53,467″ S, 31° 18′ 10,642″ E
cell: +27 73 850 2649

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