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A Safe Place for Lions

Drakenstein Lion Park is a loving sanctuary for rescued, captive-born cats and a lifetime haven for abused lions. The 50 acres of lion habitat is situated in the scenic Cape Winelands, almost halfway between Paarl and Stellenbosch and only 30 minutes from Cape Town.

Drakenstein Lion Park was established by animal lover Paul Hart, fondly referred to as “Lionhart”, in 1998 to provide a safe home for lions that were victims of ill treatment in Circuses or the horrific condition in the pet trade. At the Park, the lions are given an opportunity to live out the remainder of their lives free from persecution and with the respect and compassion they deserve.

The cats roam in huge natural enclosures connected by various walkways. Visitors can walk between the enclosures and view the lions, including white lions and Bengal tigers close up, from strategically placed viewing platforms. The feisty feeding frenzy is a sight to behold and one not to be missed. Each animal has its own story, one Paul Hart is happy to tell and there are plaques on the fences of each enclosure with the Lion’s name and how they came to be at Drakenstein Lion Park.

The Park is NOT involved in commercial breeding or trade, but instead offers lifetime care to all of its animals. The animals are assured a second chance of living out the rest of their natural lives in a safe and caring environment.

Things to do and see

  • Lion and Tiger Viewing
  • Public Feeding Times: Monday; Wednesday Friday at 4pm
  • Chimp Haven open to visitors
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp among the Lion Enclosures
  • Volunteer Program


Admission for Children and Adults ranges between R35 and R60 per Facility.

Combo Tickets are available between R50 and R90.

Accommodation includes A traditional Braai Dinner and cost are between R750 and R1125

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Lion Park directly to confirm all pricing.

Please note that we are closed on Christmas Day

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