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Wedding photography beyond all expectations!

On your special day, it’s so important to know that the memories are being captured beautifully. A good photographer makes all the difference when it comes to looking back and reliving the event time and again. If the photographer has skilfully and artfully captured the nuances that made your wedding so special, they have done the job well – if not, the magic is lost forever.

Canvas Prints

Turn photographs into distinctive canvas prints that turn your memories into art on canvas. Bowditch Photography can print your digital or film photos in their original quality onto artists canvas. This revolutionary printing technique offers a timeless work of art of that special picture.

How it works

Using state-of-the-art printing technology, Bowditch Photography will print your photo using a high quality ink that ensures that your photos colours are accurately reproduced on canvas in a permanent and durable medium. Our inks are lightfast for 70 years and guarantee that your memory will last.

Simply supply us with a digital photo and we will print your photograph onto canvas. All photographs are printed on fine quality 100% artists cotton canvas. The canvas is stretched by hand on a solid wooden frame with hooks making it ready to hang.


Almost any photograph is suitable for printing on canvas. Whether it’s an old photo that you want to convert to retro art or a special memory that you want to grace your home in a format a little different to a traditional photograph, printing on canvas will be suitable. Some ideas for photos to print on canvas include:

  • old photos
  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • portrait photos of your children
  • landscapes
  • nature close-ups

One of the key benefits of canvas photo printing is that the rough surface is extremely forgiving, allowing you to print pictures at a size that normal photo paper would not allow – quality breakdown in the picture is hidden by the rough surface, making canvas printing ideal for printing old pictures, or pictures that cannot be printed any larger with traditional printing methods.

About Barry

Born in Johannesburg in 1950 and with a love of photography already in my genes, passed on from my father, an “advanced amateur” I have been fortunate to live through incredible changes and strides in Photography.

Having spent hundreds of hours in the company of my Dad in his darkroom trying and achieving great photographic feats, I have been privileged to witness and experience hands on the development from black & white through color, to the current day digital maze we now find ourselves in.

An outdoor fanatic, living in Africa, and especially the Dolphin Coast, has provided an "open air studio” that inspires the photographic beast in me. 

Over thirty years as a professional lens man

Today, with over thirty years as a professional lens man, Barry is widely acknowledged as one of the top professional photographers on the North Coast and is constantly in demand. His reputation is your guarantee – with Bowditch Photography covering your special event, you can be sure that you will receive a collection of truly excellent photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Dave Charles

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