Simple to list

Sign up, create your listing in a couple of minutes - simply done! If you have any difficulties, contact us anytime.

Competitive Pricing

All businesses can list by annual subscription of ZAR1,000.00. Add your accommodation for free if you are with NightsBridge, then a 15% commission is paid only on confirmed bookings.

One account, multiple listings

With one account, manage all of your listings easily. Work in a team? Give access to extra users you choose so they can maintain your listings.

Non profits, profit

We offer free listings to Non Profit Organisations, whatever the category.

Restrictions? Never!

Update your listing whenever you want. Add as many photos as you like. We won't restrict you, or charge you for updates.

Visibility Integrated

Get seen! Be found on places and routes, as well as our search pages.


We take your privacy very seriously. We will NEVER send or sell your private information to 3rd parties.

No favouritism

We don't order results based on who pays the most to be at the top. Unbiased, always.

No Ads

We won't clutter the screen with Ads, keeping it clean and usable for you and your customers.


Your customers get the benefits from our best in-class hosting (in South Africa), server-side technology, CDNs, SEO practices, optimisation, caching. We do the heavy lifting and stay ahead of the competition for you.

Quality Content

We review and maintain the content we add, towns, suburbs, routes etc. Always up to date and relevant.


Double digit traffic growth annually, passing on the benefits to you. Get more visitors and more business.


Contact us anytime, we listen. What new functionality do you want to see available next? Suggestions on improvements? Is something missing? Just let us know, we'll get on it.

Get Involved

Get involved in your community. Select from our free categories and create and maintain listings that interest you. E.g. your favourite beach etc.

Who can list?

We offer the opportunity for virtually anyone to advertise their services on Pathfinda, under any of the following different areas:

What do you get?

A page on Pathfinda consisting of your contact details, marketing text, and image gallery, that is user-friendly and easy to update yourself, as often as you like (no limitation on the amount of updates per year). Visitors can find you on the place your listing is linked to, as well as on the routes in close proximity to your business. You may also be found on our search pages, where users can search by name, category or region, etc.

What does it cost?

Depending on the category you choose, you could list for free or for a nominal annual subscription.


We would like to represent the entire spectrum of what South Africa has to offer and have created categories for all types of listings.

For more information about categories (free and paid categories) available on Pathfinda, please continue to the categories page.

For listing within paid categories, you can get international exposure at a cost of ZAR1,000.00 per annum.

If you wish to list accommodation and you already use the popular NightsBridge service, you may opt, instead of the ZAR1,000.00 annual subscription fee, to get listed by selecting the NightsBridge commission structure, whereby a 15% commission fee is charged on each booking you receive through our website.

What do you need to do?

  1. All you need to do to get started is to register as a user.
  2. You may then create your listing(s) for review (free of charge), adding your text, contact details, photos etc. These will remain unpublished (not visible to the public) until you are satisfied with your listing and ready to have it published.
  3. Once you are ready to publish it (make it available publicly to all visitors on Pathfinda), you can select either to pay the subscription fee of ZAR1,000.00 or in the case of accommodation, opt to list via NightsBridge, by way of a commission structure. (If your listing's category was free, then your listing will be published immediately, and no further action needs to be taken)


Annual Renewal

Your listing remains unpublished (not visible to the public) until we have received your annual subscription payment of ZAR1,000.00. Your listing is then published and available to the public for one full year from the payment date.

We will send you an email notifying you that your listing is up for renewal a month before the end of your yearly subscription, so that you have ample time to renew for the next yearly period. If you choose to renew you will need to make the payment within this month and another year will be added to the end of your renewal date. If you choose not to renew, we do not enforce any notification period (you don’t need to notify us beforehand) and your listing will simply be unpublished at the end of your yearly subscription.

For your convenience we will not delete your listing, so if you wish to renew it at a later date, you may simply pay the annual subscription and your listing will be re-instated from that payment date onwards, for another year.

Cancellations / Early cancellations

Please note that we allow you to create your listing for review (to try it out, see what it would look like, etc) and only when you are entirely satisfied and would like it published (made visible to the public), do you need to pay the annual subscription fee. Therefore, under the circumstances, we regret that no refunds will be entertained.

Please also note that your annual subscription starts the same day as we receive payment and that you may not put your listing “on hold” during the year to extend this period.


Accommodation establishments that already manage their bookings with NightsBridge and would like to list with Pathfinda may opt to do so based on a commission structure, instead of an annual subscription.

How does it work?

Instead of the annual subscription fee, you would be listed for free, but liable for a 15% commission on all bookings generated from our website.

If you are not using NightsBridge, and are interested in their services, you will find all the information on the NightsBridge website.