The Sabie Falls is situated on the R532 an extension of Main Road on the outskirts of Sabie under the new bridge across the Sabie river.

A short walk brings you to a viewpoint where the waterfall plunges 73m down the Sabie Gorge. The foundations of an old hydro-electric plant from where Sabie obtained it's electric power in 1907, can still be seen at the bottom of the falls.

There is ample parking space even for tour buses.

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Sabie Falls
 Komatieland Forests

Main Street North, R532
1260 Simile, Sabie
MpumalangaAfrique du Sud
25° 5′ 15,472″ S, 30° 46′ 44,054″ E
work: +27 13 754 2789
work: +27 13 764 1058

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