Rabelais' Hut

This preserved hut, which had been in operation since 1926 as the original entrance into the Kruger, is now a historical site housing a small museum and information centre.

The little museum hut is dedicated mostly to a generous couple, Mr James H. Orpen and his wife Eileen, who at their own expense bought seven farms, covering a massive 24,500 hectares, in this area between 1935 and 1944 and then donated it to be included in the Kruger Park.  In 1954 due to Orpen’s donation of farms, the boundary was moved further to the west. The beautiful camp at Orpen also carries their name in tribute.

Mr Orpen, a surveyor by profession and also a member of the National Parks Board, further donated generously to the drilling of boreholes in the Kruger to provide permanent water sources for game inside the then unfenced Park, so that they did not need to migrate outside the protected area where they were at the mercy of hunters.

To the east lies the Rabelais waterhole which often attracts large numbers of wildlife.

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