Feelings in Oldenland Street Somerset West

Feeling like?

Feel like some time alone?  Feel like taking the dogs for a walk?  Feel like stretching your legs after watching some Super Sport? Feel like just sitting and admiring the tall beautiful Eucalyptus trees? Then this 'unofficial' walking trail is just for you. 

Setting off along the easy part of the trail
Warning: there are no facilities whatsoever so bring your own refreshments.  

One of the crossings over the stream

Although the trail is not long, you can stretch it, or shrink it, by taking any of the various cross-cuts on the way. Some of the paths are not recommended for the elderly as they are steep and rocky with loose stones and nothing to hold on to. 

Our 'slops' and sandals didn't make the grade

A good pair of snug fitting walking shoes is recommended. We tried it in 'slops' and sandals and it got pretty scary in places!

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