Mantimahle Dam is next to Manzimahle Dam and has a length of 1.75 kilometres. The view from either side is rather poor, but with luck one will still be able animals drinking or taking a bath. 

“Travelling on towards Tshokwane you reach the Mantimahle Dam which is only a short distance off the main road.  From the shade of the huge Marula trees you can soak up the peaceful bushveld atmosphere and enjoy the sounds of birds providing a continuous background chorus.  Giraffe are regular visitors here and they make wonderful photographic subjects either when they stoop with widely splayed legs to gently sip at the water’s surface or stretch their long necks to reach some tasty leaves well out of reach of lesser animals.”

The Elephant waterhole turn-off is not that much further in the direction of Tshokwane and is definitely worth a visit for some memorable sightings.

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Mantimahle Dam
H1-2 road between Skukuza and Tshokwane
Southern Region, Kruger National Park
LimpopoSouth Africa
24° 53′ 48.682″ S, 31° 43′ 55.952″ E

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