The Kruger National Park is the second-largest game reserve in Africa and the largest in South Africa. Internationally it is recognised as a world-class destination that is at the top of any wildlife enthusiast’s list of dream destinations. Surrounded by a wealth of indigenous vegetation, you’ll also find excellent bird watching opportunities.

Spanning 360km, North to South, and 65km from East to West, and covering two million hectares, the scenic beauty of Limpopo is situated to the west, the lush Mpumalanga to the south and Zimbabwe to the North. It has nine entrance gates and is home to the famous Big Five, the Little Five and the birding Big Six, in addition to a range of fauna and flora unique to the area.

The reserve is made up of numerous locations which provide ample accommodation in a range of lodges, tented camps and self-catering chalets. Also available are a wide variety of tour options and safaris around the distinct and contrasting landscapes of the 18,989 sq km area of the park.


There are 900 km of tar roads, 2000 km of dirt roads and 4500 km of management roads.


There are 10 large rest camps, 8 medium-sized rest camps, 3 small rest camps and 7 private lodge concessions.


There are 1982 species of plants, 52 species of fish, 517 species of birds, 35 species of amphibians, 119 species of reptiles and 147 species of mammals.

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Inside Kruger National Park


Central Region

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Far North Region


Northern Region


Southern Region

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