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Natal is a very laid-back region, in the words of the "Idler" from the Natal Mercury it's also known as "Natal Fever". We are very lucky in that we have a lovely sea, dams and berg resorts to choose from; however distance does play a part and as such some folk do not travel if they consider the venue too far. I personally have to travel an average three and a half hours to four hours to any rally, as I am in Northern Natal, but have always considered the weekend or holiday to start when I get into my motorhome. What a wonderful way of life!


Natal has 54 members of which 25 have rallied. This is 46% of our members, of which 4 only rally occasionally and 2 now have ill health. Having said that, because Natal folk don't let the grass grow under their feet and travel extensively overseas and tour around SA and neighbouring countries, we still average between 12 to 16 vans per rally. Some arrive Wednesday, most on Thursday and a couple on Friday, and they leave on either Sunday or Monday.


Members are free to do as they want, nothing is compulsory or frowned upon, if folk don't join in. We have started having sun-downers on a Friday evening get together, with mixed reactions from members and we have a communal braai on the Saturday night. We try to alternate rallies between south coast, north coast and inland venues. At the various venues folk sit and chat, or go for walks to the beach, or mountains, swim, water ski or go for boat rides, visit places of interest and generally enjoy the scenery. Occasionally we organise 4x4 trips for those that are interested.

In general we are a very happy close knit region of the Motorhome Club of South Africa.

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