South Africa
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Buffalo City Campus is a composite of seven delivery sites:

  • Potsdam
  • College street
  • Camridge street
  • Chiselhurst
  • Bisho
  • Absa stadium
  • Heritage building 

Buffalo City Campus’s Potsdam site is the main site and is situated in the luscious Eastern Cape countryside. 

It is ideally situated in the Border region to serve the students of Eastern Cape who would have had to go far to study causing a migration that depletes the region of educated people.

This campus boasts modern buildings and green landscaped surroundings with a natural spring around which the campus was designed.


This campus has residential facilities for students which are normally filled to capacity. 


  • 20 different sports including soccer, netball tennis rugby
  • Indoor sports: basketball, volleyball, karate and aerobics
  • The Great Hall has a capacity of 800 and is used for sports or formal functions. 
  • Health services unit 


(a selection only)

  • Human Resource Management 
  • Management of Training 
  • Office Management & Technology 
  • Accountancy 
  • Public Management 
  • Administrative Management 
  • Marketing 
  • ND: Financial Information Systems
  • Small Business Management 


  • Potsdam campus started out as the Ciskei Technikon and 66 Students were accommodated in Wongama Building.
  • 1989- academic programmes commenced limited to certificate courses
  • 1989- Midyear diploma courses were initiated
  • 1997- Official opening of Campus with students graduating at the first graduation Ceremony 

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