Cheetah Outreach

See it, Sense it, Save it

The Cheetah Outreach was founded by Annie Beckhelling in January 1997 with only two cheetahs. The Spier Wine Estate kindly donated the one hectare piece of land on which the project could be launched. Today the Cheetah Outreach is situated just off the N2 in Somerset West.

Promoting the survival of free ranging Southern African Cheetah through Environmental Education and delivering in-situ conservation initiatives

The Cheetah project is an educational and community based program created to raise awareness and educate people about these exceptional animals. Cheetah numbers have dwindled from approximately 100,000 throughout Africa and parts of the Middle East and Central Asia to only 6,600 left in the wild today. Cheetah Outreach raises funds to try and prevent their extinction in South Africa and is working in particular with the livestock farmers. Cheetahs need to eat and often livestock such as sheep are easy pickings for them. Cheetah Outreach breeds and trains Anatolian Shepard Dogs, who have for centuries been protecting flocks of sheep from predators such as cheetahs, and then gives these dogs to the farmers to assist them in retaining their livelihood without harming or killing these majestic cats.

The funding for the care of the cheetahs as well as the breeding and training of these dogs, all comes from the visitors to Cheetah Outreach. The centre also provides employment for locals and excellent volunteer opportunities for both South African and international conservation enthusiasts. Cubs from the cheetah breeding project are hand-reared and they are raised to be ambassadors for their species.

So come and meet the world’s fastest land animals, up close if you wish! Guides are passionate and knowledgeable and wiling to answer any questions about the cheetahs and the Anatolian Shepard Dogs.

Things to do and see

  • Adult Cheetah Encounters, between 10h00 & 13h00 and 14h00 & 17h00 – cats willing
  • Cheetah Cub Encounters, normally between September & March, times as above
  • Bat-eared Fox Encounters, booking in advance recommended
  • Meerkat Encounters, booking in advance recommended
  • Caracal Encounters, advance booking recommended
  • Guided Tours, every hour on the half-hour
  • Animal Enrichment & Feeding Viewing, usually 9h30 to 10h00 and 16h00 to 16h30
  • View Cheetah Runs, usually November through April, booking is essential and must be confirmed to ensure the run is scheduled
  • Cub Walks, usually November through April, booking is essential
  • Curio Shop
  • Private Function Venue
  • ATM Facilities


Admission is R10 on weekdays and R5 on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

There is no charge for the tour.

Animal Encounters are charged separately and varies between R80 and R300 per person.

Cub Walks are approximately R750 per person & includes an encounter with the cubs.

Combo tickets for more than one encounter or activity are available.

Prices are subject to change, please contact the Cheetah Outreach offices directly to confirm all prices.

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