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The Halfmens Pass, as with the Akkedis Pass, is found in the Richterveld National Park, the World Heritage Site that straddles the border between the Northern Cape and Namibia. The Pass is the second one which visitors will encounter when entering the Park from the Sendelingsdrift gate.

The Pass received its name because of the many Halfmens Trees (Pachypodium Namaquanum) that can be found growing on the mountainside in the area. Halfmens is an Afrikaans name and in English it means half-human tree. The tree-like plant is endemic to the Richterveld and Namibia area, it loses its leaves, a crown of leaves at the apex of a single spikey trunk, during winter. In springtime, tubular velvet-textured flowers appear.

Distance 5.1 km
Gradient average 1:50
Gradient maximum 1:6
Summit 371 m
Surface Gravel / Dirt Track

The Halfmens Pass is a bit of a tricky one with no less than 36 bends, twists, turns and corners that wind through the rugged mountains. The drivers speed needs to be kept at no more than 20 km/hr as several of the corners are sharper than 90 degrees and the road can get rough in many places and it is also advisable to drive in low range in order to keep control of your vehicle.

Once you reach the start of the Pass the road begins climbing immediately, but inconsistently at various gradients. The road follows a dry riverbed for almost 2 km before turning toward the mountains before reaching the summit. This is the toughest part of the Pass but reaching the summit is worthwhile for the spectacular views of the kaleidoscope of rocks on the peaks and ridges. The colours range from black and brown to red, orange and even green. The summit also gives you a chance to stop and view the mysterious Halfmens succulent plant.

The descent is milder not really a pass, but a badly corrugated, almost flat road that meanders along the next riverbed for the next 2,5 kms.

Thing to do and see

  • Richtersveld National Park
  • Halfmens Trees
  • Mountain Views
  • Hand of God
  • Akkedis Pass


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Access during daylight hours only

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