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The Akkedis Pass is found in the Richterveld National Park, the World Heritage Site that straddles the border between the Northern Cape and Namibia. The Pass is the second of the serious passes within the Park and you will require a 4WD vehicle, with high ground clearance, to explore this road!

Distance 6 km
Gradient average 1:36
Gradient maximum 1:5
Summit 578 m
Surface Gravel / Dirt Track

The name, Akkedis Pass, means “Lizard Pass” in English and was named so after the many turns and steep climbs – it is also said due to heat in this part of the world, you may begin to feel like a lizard on a rock out on the pass.

The landscape is described as dry and unforgiving, but unbelievably beautiful with magnificent scenery along the entire pass. To access the pass, you will need to enter the park through the main entrance at Sendelingsdrift, continue past the Swartpoort Pass and drive the 5 km Halfmens Pass to the northern starting point.

The first section of the pass has a few sections of soft sand and the road is peppered with twists and turns – 70 bends, corners and curves on the ascent alone. The summit is reached at the 3,5 km point and this is a great place to stop and enjoy the mountains ahead, behind and both sides. The descent is much more gentle and easy going.

The Pass ends at a fork and offers two options, the left hand route will take you to the De Hoop campsite, whereas the right hand fork provides access to sites further south, like Richtersberg, Tatasberg, Kokerboomkloof and Gannakouriep.

Thing to do and see

  • Richtersveld National Park
  • Halfmens Pass
  • Mountain Views
  • The Orange River
  • Hand of God


Please contact the Richterveld National Park directly for Day and/or Accommodation tariffs

Access during daylight hours only

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