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lug jou kop uit die sand

Macassar Beach lies approximately 30 minutes from Cape Town, off the M9, a solitary ghost town of a beach. The Macassar Beach Pavilion, part of the Macassar Dunes Reserve built in 1991, now stands overrun by its dunes. The sand fills every little bit of the once vibrant blue building and the only thing remaining are signs pointing you to what was once a parking lot and water slides.

The very popular British T.V show, Dr Who, actually came here to shoot some scenes for their most recent season where Jodie Whittaker is stranded on a desolate planet trying to find her Tardis with her new companions.

 The beach, which lies on the Eastern side of False Bay, has almost no protection from the Cape Peninsula, this meaning that waves break directly on to the sand and make it the perfect spot for wind and kite surfers, particularly during the week when you can always find this impressive landscape filled with fisherman trying to catch the “big one”.

This interesting beach is open to the public for anyone to explore, however it is a quiet and solitary area so remember to stay safe and always have your adventure buddy with you! Don’t hesitate to make this your stop when looking for beach fun and adventure!


  • Surfing
  • Sunbathing
  • Beach Games
  • Kite Flying
  • Fishing
  • Abandoned Water Park


There is no admission fee charged

Open daily during daylight hours

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