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The Cape Town Diamond Museum is situated in the Clock Tower Precinct at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront at Fish Quay. It is a non-profit organisation that was dedicated to the City by the highly acclaimed jeweller Shimansky. The Diamond Museum is the only diamond museum in South Africa totally dedicated to the most precious stone in the world as well as being an accredited and affiliated member of Cape Tourism.

It is believed that the first man to propose marriage with a diamond was Archduke Maximilian who gave his wife to be, Mary of Burgandy, a diamond ring in 1477. He believed there is a vein in the left hand ring finger that goes directly to the heart.


  • Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs - a 15 year old boy who dug up the first diamond on the banks of the Orange River
  • First discovery in India in 2500 BC
  • History of the formation of diamonds
  • How diamonds are faceted to make them reflect the light that enhances their sparkle
  • The history of the diamond rush in Kimberley in the 1870’s
  • The impact of diamonds on the economy of South Africa
  • Visual time line “Diamonds through the ages”

Exhibited Items

  • Desert Roses – Crystals from the Namib Desert
  • Kimberlite - the rocks in which diamonds are normally found
  • Periotite - the oldest substance known to man
  • Pyrope - usually found near diamond bearing rock

Famous diamonds

Life size replicas of the world’s most famous diamonds such as:

  • The Hope Diamond – the most valuable stone in the world
  • The Taylor-Burton - given to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband at the time Richard Burton
  • The Cullinan - the largest rough diamond crystal ever found


All Week, 09h00 - 21h00


No Charge 

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