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Revisit Yesteryear ... 65 Years Old and Counting!

The Labia Theatre is the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in South Africa and has kept its old world charm. It is believed that it was originally the ballroom of the Italian Embassy that used to be next door but no one seems to be sure. It was however opened by Princess Labia in May 1949 and used as a theatre for live performances. The Labia movie theatre has been showing alternative movies since 1970 as well as some of the more commercial ones from time to time. It also boasts wheel chair access. 

Keeping the memories alive

Ludi Kraus took over in 1989 and the theatre became famous for cult, classic and art movies.Ludi has aimed to keep as many of the old aspects of the building intact as far as he can such as:

  • Seats
  • Sweet Counter
  • Ticket Booth

New Additions

  • Bar that offers Slush Puppy cocktails
  • Extra screens
  • Terrace

Movie Selections

  • Foreign Films
  • Historical Cinema
  • Independent Movies
  • Other alternative art circuit films

Special Features

The Labia has several interesting feature that will not be found elsewhere:

  • It is quite acceptable to drink a glass of wine or a beer inside the theatre
  • Special offers of a meal at a local eatery that includes a movie at the Labia. These specials are ridiculously cheap and worth a try. eg. Monday and Tuesday – pasta at Societi Bistro and a movie. The meal voucher is redeemable at the theatre for a free ticket.
  • Their website offers trailers of current movies


Please contact their website under Contact Details.

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