Iziko Planetarium

Be amazed by the night sky, whatever the weather

Iziko Planetarium is one of only two celestial theatres in South Africa. Using a complex star machine (Minolta) and multiple projectors, it can treat the audience to a realistic representation of all the wonders of the universe. Within this domed auditorium (15,2m diameter), the night sky is recreated to perfection, and hence the saying goes, that "whatever the weather, the planetarium's night sky is always clear" for your enjoyment. The experience is a treat for every stargazer, young and old.


In 1958 the first planetarium was opened and displayed very popular star-shows for all Capetonians. Due to the ageing of the technology and projector, the planetarium decided to start thinking of future viability and at the end of the 1960s started planning for the next generation "star machine". It was not until 1987 when the SA Museum had undergone its project of adding extensions to the museum that these efforts were rewarded. Today the planetarium is world-class, using state of the art technology. It is genuinely an audio-visual theatre, equipped with a modern Minolta star projector amongst others.

Discover the Universe

From your seat, you can discover the complex miracle that is our universe. From the immediate planets around the Earth, to our Milky Way galaxy, and beyond. Uncover the phases of the Earth and Moon, learn about the Sun. Learn history about man's efforts to travel to the stars and more. You will be intrigued and amazed by this captivating experience.

Kids see stars

Iziko organises a myriad of specially crafted experiences especially for kids. These shows are available all year long, the educational, yet fun programs are designed to teach children about our universe in an amusing way. Accompany Michael and his best friend Bertie on a magical quest in the sky with interesting characters and special discoveries (Michael Lion and the Star Pictures)... or enjoy an hour of fun-filled activities with Grant, the young magician (Grant’s Magic Show), or discover what it's like to be an astronaut by joining Milo and his friend Sammy, as their wish to take a trip into space is exerced by Major Tom (Magic Milo and the Astronaut). Different shows are organised and information can be obtained from the planetarium on the availability of children specific content.

Immersion in celestial education

For the older generation a special astronomy course is given at the planetarium: Starfinder. This program is designed to initiate budding astronomers in the wonders of our immediate universe - Comprised of the following four sessions:

  1. Introduction to the celestial sphere. A start at identifying constellations: Constellation co-ordinates.
  2. The turning of the celestial sphere. Variations with latitude. More constellations.
  3. The annual motion of the Sun. Constellations of the Zodiac. Rising and setting of the Sun. Earth’s wobble.
  4. The movement of the moon and planets. The visible sky.

Entertain under the heavens

Use this unique venue to amaze your guests and create that unique experience. The planetarium is particularly suitable for corporate meets and even product launches, special events and multi-media presentations. Not a big corporate ? No problem, as smaller groups can also be accommodated. There is also an area available for cocktails and snacks, and in-house production facilities can be organised at competitive rates.


  • Shows are from Monday to Friday at 14h00, and Tuesday evenings at 20h00
  • Children's shows are from Monday to Friday at 12h00 as well as 13h00 and 14h30 on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Closed on Workers' Day, Christmas Day and the first Monday of every month (excluding school holidays)


Entry to this heavenly experience will cost adults R40 and children, students and SA pensioners R20. Prices are subject to change however, so please call the Planetarium to confirm.

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