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The District Six Museum acquired a second site in 2002 not far from the museum, in fact in the same road, two blocks away. The new building, at 15 Buitenkant Street was formally the Sacks Futeran Textile and Soft Goods Warehouse and was called The Home Coming Centre. It functions as a second home for exhibits from the District Six Museum, and is now a part of the Cultural Heritage Precinct. It is on the border of an area that has been nominated as a World Heritage site. The Centre has been re-constructed in the style of he 1900’s and is now a magnificent space doing justice to the former District Six residents.


  • A homecoming centre for returning families to District Six
  • Centre for education and memory work
  • Headquarters of the Embrace Dignity campaign that aims to stop sex trafficking and prostitution and founded by Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Tafel and Supper Club monthly event where members have dinner served with music and oral story telling
  • Venue Leasing - mostly to Fugard Theatre


  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • National Lottery Development Trust Fund
  • Sacks Futeran

Future plans

The goal of the Centre is to make the centre a vibrant multi-purpose hub serving the community with some additions such as:

  • Coffee shop
  • Films shows from archives
  • Promotional films on the museum
  • Story telling
  • Cultural performances
  • Book selling stall
  • Wi-Fi facilities for the public

Past Exhibitions

  • Offside: Kick Ignorance Out! Football Unites, Racism Divides from 2010 / 2012 - This exhibition showcased a few of South Africa’s famous players as well as the history of the game in the country
  • Chamber of Dreams - This exhibition consisted of Photographs of the van Kalker Studio and was exhibited in 2012 with archived photographs of the District Six period.

The Building

The large building consists of 5 interconnected buildings and has a section of an old Gothic-style church as its centrepiece surrounded by four 20th century warehouses. Much restoration was needed before they became habitable.


  • Monday to Saturday, 09h00 – 16h00
  • Sunday, by appointment only

Guided Tours:

Monday to Saturday, 10h00, 11h00, 12h00 and 14h00


Please refer to their website under Contact Details.

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