South Africa
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The Story of Gold in Africa!

The Gold of Africa Museum is housed in the Martin Melck House in Cape Town’s City Centre and close to the Pan African Market and the Prestwich Memorial and is situated above the famous Gold Restaurant. 

Gold has made South Africa what it is today with the influx of people from all over the word after the precious metal. The Museum is vital as custodian of the history of gold in Africa and South Africa that was producing two thirds of the world’s gold at the height of the gold mining industry. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions from countries like Egypt, Brazil and India.

The famous Barbier Mueller Collection that was exhibited at this museum for 13 years has been returned to Anglo Gold.


  • Boutique Shop: sells souvenirs and South African memorabilia
  • 2 Restaurants: the museum is located above a well-known restaurant called the Gold Restaurant that is used as a live music venue with a courtyard garden as well as a wine cellar. The second restaurant is located in the courtyard.
  • Time Line: a comprehensive well documented time line of gold and its usage is displayed including the early gold mining in Europe and also in South Africa.
  • Great Zimbabwe: one room is dedicated to the reconstruction of the stone work in Great Zimbabwe where an estimated 25 million ounces of gold was mined.


The Martin Melckck building was built in 1783 and is the last remaining building with a “dakkamer” which is a room on the top of a building that would allow the occupants of the house to sight ships coming into the harbour. There is a whole room dedicated to the history of gold in the minutest of detail regarding events that were in any way related to gold, including the introduction of the Kruger Rand.


  • Monday to Saturday, 09h30 - 17h00
  • Closed, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday

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