South Africa
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Arch for Arch is a striking monument in honour of Archbishop Desmond Tutu that was unveiled on 7 October 2017 on the Archbishop's 86th birthday. He is recognised worldwide for his tireless work in building the new South Africa, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.

The Cape Town Arch for Arch, a play on the nickname South Africans have given Tutu, can be found on Government Avenue next to St George’s Cathedral where Tutu served as Archbishop. The structure is also surrounded by Parliament, the Company Gardens and Slave Lodge Museum from where Tutu led many protests. City authorities say it is a tribute to Tutu's contribution to peace and reconciliation.

The Arch was financed by Design Indaba and made by the Oslo and New York based award-winning architecture studio Snøhetta and Johannesburg Local Studio architect Thomas Chapman. It is constructed from 14 arcing strands of wood, each bearing a quote from one of the 14 lines in the South African Constitution’s preamble. 

The Arch for Arch is an experiential piece, allowing anyone to walk through it or seek the shelter it provides.

Things to see and do

  • The Arch for Arch Structure
  • St George’s Cathedral
  • Company Gardens, nearby
  • Slave Lodge Museum, nearby


Viewing is free to the public

Best during daylight hours

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