South Africa
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What once was the “City of Gold’s” fruit and vegetable market and a large and impressive heritage building that occupies an entire city block, is now Johannesburg’s social and cultural history museum simply and aptly named Museum Africa!

Not only is Museum Africa one of the most beautiful buildings, but it is also in the words of the curators, “a journey back into the glory years of the Africa continents past, when the first civilisations thrived.” Visitors entering the Museum are first greeted by the permanent exhibition “My Culture”, which outlines the hundreds of different South African cultural and ethnic groups. As you continue your journey you will visit places like Kemet, now known as Egypt, Kush (Sedan) and Punt (Somali), which were once called “God’s county” by the ancients.  

Another of the Museum’s main displays is that of the “Treason Trial”, where more than 150 people including Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli and Walter Sisulu, were charged with treason.

The approximately 850 000 objects in the museum include artefacts, costumes, furniture, collection of paintings and a very impressive collection of rock art all focusing on indigenous African cultures, history, linguistics and archaeology.

The Workers Museum, only two blocks away, is managed as a branch of Museum Africa and tells the story of countless African migrant workers that came to Johannesburg from all across Southern Africa. Both Museums are worth a visit while you explore the sights and sounds of Newtown, Johannesburg.

Things to see and do

  • Bensusan Museum of Photography
  • My Culture Exhibit
  • Collection of Rock Art
  • “Treason Trial” Display
  • Temporary Exhibitions
  • African Cultural Artefacts
  • Paintings, Manuscripts, Photographs & Explorer Maps
  • Cape Silver, Ceramics & Costumes
  • Arts & Crafts Curio Shop


Admission is Free

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