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Green Point Lighthouse in Kwa-Zulu Natal, not to be confused with Green Point Lighthouse in Cape Town that is also known as Mouille Point Lighthouse. This Green Point Lighthouse, however, helps warn ships of the Aliwal Shoal and was the second last lighthouse to use petroleum vapour burners.

Candlepower 4 750 000 C.D.
Character of Light Two flashes every 15 seconds
Installation Date 1905
Range 30 sea miles
Structure 21 metre circular tower with red and white stripes
Type of Light Revolving electric
Other features Equipped with a red sector light displaying an arc of red light over the Aliwal Shoal

 Being a provincial heritage site, it is a building that has historic and cultural importance and thus has legal protections. It has a rather unusual cast-iron structure and is painted in red and white striped bands. Since 1961 the lighthouse has been fully automated, which was not considered a great loss to lightkeepers, who regarded the lighthouse as isolated, particularly from families because of it lying amidst the cane fields.

The Aliwal Shoal has three lighthouses that protect its shore, Ifafa Beach, Port Shepstone Lighthouse and Green Point lighthouse. This shore is the rocky remains of an ancient sand dune that is now a reef roughly 5 kilometres off the coast of Umkomaas that is named after the sinking of the ship, Aliwal. The shore also houses incredible hard and soft corals and a variety of tropical fish.

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing from outside
  • Coral Reef and Tropical Fish Region (Perfect for Snorkelling)
  • Scuba Diving in the area


There is no admission fee, viewing is permitted.

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