Star Marine

Marine and Outdoor Equipment

Whether you are a boating candidate in the area or a visitor with a boat or simply a visitor with a boat at home - this store will have something for you.

There is always something magnetic about boat chandlery where one finds a "needful thing" that ends up going home. Stewart Giles the proprietor is a very helpful and friendly person who can enjoy a good chat whether you buy something or not. 

Let Stewart guide you with all your safety requirements.

If you are intending to spend any time boating on the dam, whether it be with a power boat or yacht, dinghy or canoe you are bound to find a spare part in an emergency. There is even a section with lighting equipment for load shedding problems.

The shop is well laid out, has a sensible stock variety of the kind appropriate to the boating fraternity, is very neat and a pleasure to browse through.

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