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We at the Vleiskombuis think we’ve started another form of tourism – meat shopping!

Our butchery cum bakery is meat heaven, with its delicately spiced and lean boerewors, its paperthin wafers of biltong, its kasslers and cabanossi smoked on the premises, even oven-ready kleftiko, you name it !

From the bakery drifts the aroma of raisin-bread, croissants and our wickedly addictive little meat pies…Come and sample some of our goodies for yourself!

Where you will only find superior quality 'free range' meat but also :

  • Bread
  • Fresh milk daily from our own Jersey cows
  • Vegetables
  • Olive Oil, direct from the Cape

We deliver to Johannesburg

Please place your order by phone, fax or email

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