Anstey's Strand

Ansteys Beach is in the suburb of Ocean View, Bluff, south of Durban, only a quick 8-10km drive from the Durban CBD.

The beach has consistent good surf, warm sea water all year round, and is a quick stroll away from Cave Rock, the world-famous surf break.

This beautiful unspoilt Bluff beach is also very popular for leisurely strolls, or at low tide when you can look at the fascinating sea creatures in the many rock pools. Otherwise, in the early hours arm yourself with a steaming hot cup of coffees, take a quick walk to the beach and experience the most spectacular sunrises.

You can also grab your costume and towel, go for a hazy late afternoon swim or surf or simply just sit on the sand and watch everyone else frolic on the beach or in the surf - life certainly doesn’t get much better than that!

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