South Africa
skoonheid jy sal nooit vergeet nie

The Alberton Dam is a popular venue for people who want to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. There are lovely picnic areas with grass and beautiful trees. A great number of water birds nest on the island in the middle of the dam.

For kids

There is a petting zoo so bring some bread and greens and feed the ducks, geese, rabbits, goats and pigs. There is also a lovely playground with a big jungle gym and swings, a slide and some other play park equipment, all in good working order. 

For adults

Take a picnic basket and a good book, or if you are feeling more energetic, spend some quality time playing cricket or soccer with family and friends. It's the perfect venue to spend some time with your aunts and uncles whom you haven't seen for a while.


Admission is free. The entrance gates are locked at night.


The level of littering varies with the types of gatherings held there. Depending on the day you choose and the time of day there can be huge crowds there so come early for a good spot. Sundays are particularly busy.

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