Randspruit Road

The Randspruit Road (H5) heads west from the main Crocodile Bridge, Lower Sabie Tar Road at Gomondwane water hole.

At this junction, a few bluegum trees marks the site of the infamous lowveld hustler, Sardelli the Greek, who sold a very harsh form of liquor that he brewed himself. He also ran a gang who spesialised in robbing mineworkers who returned from Mozambique to the Witwatersrand. Sardelli is suspected of robbing and killing another storekeeper, Charlie Woodlands, while they were together on a trip to Delagoa Bay. At a time when his mental state started to deteriorate, he took a job as a cattle herder at Mica. He eventually died in an asylum for lunatics.

This is the only area in Kruger where bluegum trees can be found.

The area surrounding the H5 is charaterised by low, rolling hills with a mixture of sweet and sourveld.

Knobthorn acacias, bushwillow and marula trees is more dominant in this area, which favours browsers. Giraffe, kudu, duiker and impala area commonly seen.

On occasion Klipspringer can be seen on the rocky outcrops and elephant and buffalo can regularly be seen in the riverine areas which are lush with sycamore figs, jackalberry and sausage trees.

This is a good area for spotting the black rhino, which is a rare sighting in the park.

The road then runs through woodlands where the rare sable antelope can be spotted on occasion.

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