The town of Zastron was founded in 1876 and named after the maiden name of the wife of President Johannes Brand, Johanna Sibilla Zastron.

Throughout the south-eastern Free State rocky hillocks and isolated mountains in a variety of shapes loom from the grassy plains. To the east, beyond the Caledon river, lie the mountains of Lesotho. Bushmen loved this area and there are specimens of their rock paintings and engravings in many of the caves and rock shelters. In this setting the town of Zastron was founded.

The town was laid out on the farm Verliesfontein, owned by Jan du Wennaar. Living with Du Wennaar was his brother, Renier, one of the drollest characters of the day and a master story-teller. His grave is in the cemetery at the foot of Eeufeeskloof and on the tombstone is the date of his birth, 15 September 1781 and his death 10 December 1883. In his 102 years he spun so many yarns about his adventures and misadventures that he became a legend. His fanciful stories are mainly concerned with his brushes with the devil and other supernatural characters such as the Donderkoppe, menaing 'thunderheads. With his faithful Bushman companion known as Boesman, Renier invariably got the better of his adversaries by resorting to all manner of ingenious tricks.

The famed 'Eye' of Zastron, a hole 9 metres in diameter, is in a cliff on the slopes of Aasvoëlberg.

Cattle, maize and wheat make the district prosperous.

On the Western side of the town lies Eeufeeskloof with a road leading to look-out sites overlooking the town and a dam.

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