Set amid parklands dotted with lala palms, the tranquil and unique resort of Park Rynie, situated on the Umdoni Coast in KwaZulu-Natal was established in 1857 and named after Mrs Renetta (Rynie) Hoffman, wife of one of the two landowners who developed the area. Offering excellent holiday getaways it has a beautiful swimming beach with shark nets as well as a beautiful tidal pool.

There was a whaling station here before the first World War and the slipway is still used by fishing boats. The breakwater built by the whaling company is known as Rocky Bay Pier.

The landing ramp is still in use by fishing craft and the remains of the old whaling station still lie in Rocky Bay.

Spend the day exploring and discovering or just generally relaxing whilst soaking up the sun on this beautiful unspoilt beach. There is also excellent deep-sea diving territory in these warm waters. Cowrie Reef encompasses spectacular plant and coral life, mysterious caves, gullies and swim-through’s. The marine life is vibrant and varies from small reef fish to Zambezi sharks, dolphins and game fish.

Park Rynie is a caravanner’s delight as accommodation is offered right on the beautiful beach.