South Africa
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Durbanville wines are created in 'nature's vineyard' in the heart of the Tygerberg Hills.

The Durbanville area is spoilt with a wide choice of elevations, soil types and slope aspects and here you can plant every cultivar in its perfect place. However, nature did not stop there. She also bestowed rich, water-retaining soils that nourish and feed the grapes with full fruit character. Sea breezes off the icy Atlantic Ocean provide thick revitalising evening mist and the cool temperatures of the valley together with long sunshine hours allow for ideal grape development and ripening.

One of the few areas to practice predominantly dryland farming it is best known for its Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Merlot wines and for generations this small enclave has been protected from encroaching urbanisation so that today they can offer the world a taste of these intense, fruit driven wines, as different to each other as the slopes that create them and the individuals who craft them.

Like their distinctive wines, the farms are easy to fall in love with and are open for visiting and tasting.

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