South Africa
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Brandy is undoubtedly South Africa's favourite spirit, with over fifty South African trademarks found in the market place and the South African Brandy industry is almost as old and just as charming and illustrious as the country's wine industry.

Distilled from only the finest grapes and left to mature in French Oak barrels for at least three years, South African brandies have a reputation for outstanding quality.

Being over 330 years old, the South African brandy industry is rich in tradition and history, all of which can be discovered by visiting the Brandy Route in the Western Cape. Story-telling comes thick and fast in this part of the world and what better way to hear them than first-hand, over a glass of brandy, when you head into the heartland of Cape brandy making.

The Brandy Route was launched in 1997 by the South African Brandy Foundation to open the South African brandy world to the local and international tourist. The route incorporates ten brandy cellars and stretches from Stellenbosch, through Paarl and Franschhoek to the Breede River Valley town of Worcester

The Brandy Route invites you to take a slow, leisurely journey into brandy heartland to discover fine brandies as unique as their legendary makers.

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