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The Luvuvhu River forms the western boundary of Kruger between Punda Maria until just south of Pafuri, where it enters the Park through Lanner Gorge, cutting through Clarens sandstone, the uppermost sediment in the Karoo Sequence. It is believed to have got its name from the Venda word for river bushwillow being 'muvuvhu'.

Winding through the sandveld into the alluvial flood plains before joining the Limpopo at Crooks’ Corner the forests on both sides of the Luvuvhu support a rich array of animals which include nyalas, impala, kudu and baboons. Watch out also for leopard and crocodiles lounging on the sandbanks. The large-leaved fever-berries, forest fever trees and sycamore fig trees also support a rich array of bird life.

The S63 drive to Crooks’ Corner is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful drives in the Kruger. The road meanders along the river through tropical woodland with many shady viewpoints overlooking the watercourse. The diverse vegetation, ranges from dry thornveld and baobabs to lush riverine forest dominated by nyala trees, jackal-berries and figs. The pale green fever trees provide an eerie dimension to the riverine forest. There are several loops along the S63, all of which are worth visiting.

Bird life at the water’s edge is prolifict,  with uncommon species such as woolly-necked and yellow-billed storks, openbills and spoonbills. Crocodiles love sunning themselves on the sandbanks and pods of hippos can be spotted in the larger pools.

Most of the nyala in the park are found on the alluvial plains along the Luvuvhu River. In the words of James Stevenson-Hamilton, Nyala are 'rather like a glorified bushbuck with richer markings and a long fringe on the throat and back'.  Although leopard are hard to see, a high proportion of these animals live and hunt in the thick undergrowth of the Luvuvhu River.

The road ends at the confluence of the Luvuvhu and Limpopo rivers under a large sycamore fig tree at Crooks’ Corner. Here one can gaze across at Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and listen to the grunting of hippo in the pools below. A few kilometres from Crooks’ Corner lies Pafuri Border Post which is one of the main entrances into Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park.

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