South Africa
places you will never forget

1. Pongola

Pongola City

Pongola is a small town just 10 km from the Swaziland border and is almost the same distance from Johannesburg, 5 hours, as it is to Durban, 4 hours. The town is situated on the Pongola River which flows on to the Jozini Dam (previously called the Pongolapoort Dam) and at the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains. It is surrounded by sugar cane farms and sub-tropical fruit plantations, some of which are under irrigation that was installed during the great depression in the 1930’s. With not much to do other than to admire the magnificent scenery and wildlife, visitors can expect to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the area and to spend a lot of their time in the beautiful outdoors. The…


2. Vryheid

Vryheid Dutch Reformed Moederkerk

Vryheid is a centre for coal mining and ranching. History When Chetshwayo, the Zulu king, died on 8 February 1884, there was disagreement over the succession. Chetshwayo's son, Dinuzulu, found himself opposed by dissidents , notably a resolute fighting chief, Zibbebu, who had been granted independence by the British in their efforts to bring peace to Zululand after the Anglo-Zulu War. Dinuzulu's followers, the Suthu faction of the Zulus, were no match for Zibebu's fighting men, who also had the support of a number of European frontiersmen, who were friends of his, including John Colenbrander, who provided Zibebu with military guidance. Dinuzulu was approached by a group of Europeans -…