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1. KwaMashu

KwaMashu is a township twenty miles north of Durban, with high levels of poverty and crime. It is Durban's oldest township formed by the apartheid state to house the mass resettlement of Africans that were living in Cato Manor during 1958-65. It is the largest of 3 townships in the area (Inanda and Ntuzuma are more rural with a lower population density). In total the Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK) area is home to approx 500,000 people living on 9,572 hectares of land, with almost 25% having incomes below subsistence level and a 30% unemployment rate. KwaMashu is notable for its lively performance arts scene. Within the township, a lively performing arts scene thrives including Maskandi, hip hop, pansula dancing, dance and drama. Through performance the young people of KwaMashu are…


2. Mount Edgecombe

The seat of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe in Cornwall, England, is the source of the name of this sugar-growing town in KwaZulu-Natal. William Campbell, the renowned sugar pioneer, settled in the area in 1850 on an estate he named Muckleneuk.Mount Edgecombe lies in a tropical garden setting of flowering creepers, plants and tall trees and is famous for its resorts and a game of golf. A lot of elderly people have chosen it as their retirement home.Two Famous TemplesWhen the Indian indentured labourers settled in Durban, they were faced with a challenge of maintaining their rich culture and tradition in a foreign land. Their first priority was in setting up an area of worship wherever they settled. Majority of the labourers were Hindus and there was always a need to set up a place of worship.…


3. Mount Moreland

John Moreland surveyed this area which is named after him and it was here, in the 1860's that Liege Hulett began a farming industry which eventually made the name of his family synonymous with sugar in South Africa. His first sugar mill at Tinley Manor is now one of the largest in the country.


4. Phoenix

Phoenix is an Indian settlement northwest of central Durban, minutes away from Mount Edgecombe and the very popular area of Umhlanga. Today Phoenix is the largest “Indian” town in South Africa. Phoenix is one of the attractions along the Inanda Route and is an interesting stop whether you know the history of Gandhi or not. Visitors to the area can enjoy seeing where he lived, a reconstruction of his home was built after it burnt down during the Inanda Riots of 1985 and is called Sarvodaya. Visitors can also visit the landmark printing press he founded. Throughout his life, he was able to inspire people and he dedicated his life to fight injustice and call for peace. Life in Phoenix has its own charm which sings of stories of resilience and triumph. The settlement is close to many…

5. Umdloti

Self-Catering Holiday Apartments

Umdloti is a small resort town located just a stones’ throw away from South Africa’s third largest metropolitan area, Durban. Technically the tiny holiday town forms part of the greater Durban municipal area yet the drive out of the city almost seems as if you are miles and miles from city life. Umdloti is a town where sun, surf and pleasantries are the order of the day instead of busy city streets and people. Out of season the residents enjoy a quiet town atmosphere however, when holiday time arrives, the many holiday apartments along the beachfront are filled with holidaymakers looking for a bit of the same relaxation! The holiday town is well situated, close to the bustling Umhalnga…

6. Umhlanga

Umhlanga Main Beach

Sandton by the Sea Umhlanga is a charming, trendy resort town on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal just north of Durban city. A holiday destination of choice for many and an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city for its residents, Umhlanga has fast grown into a popular place to settle for many South Africans. Visitors flock to this coastal village to both relax and to have fun on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The wide sandy beaches are lined with exclusive hotels and apartment blocks, the beaches scattered with umbrellas and bathers enjoying the sunshine. Umhlanga is a playground for all ages and interests offering not only exciting outdoor adventures, but also casinos,…

7. Verulam

The middle reaches of the river known as Mdloti, from the wild tobacco plants of that name which grow on its banks, is a warm and green area, almost completely covered by sugar cane. In 1850 a party of 400 methodists immigrated to this area from a depressed Britain. They were under the patronage of the Earl of Verulam, and the party was well organized, bringing seeds, agricultural impliments, a large marquee tent to serve as a meeting place, and a blue banner inscribed with the name Verulam. From Durban the settlers were taken in ox-wagons to the valley of Mdloti, where they were allocated farms, and founded the attractive town of Verulam.