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Bucket List Pass

Elands Pass is the final descent along the Gamkaskloof Pass. The Gamkaskloof Valley, also known as “Die Hel” (The Hell), can only be reached via the Gamkaskloof Pass, which is made of several Passes, and is considered as one of the most scenic, but also one of the most iconic 4X4 roads in South Africa.  

Distance 4.7 km
Gradient average 1:10
Gradient maximum 1:7
Summit 1050 m
Surface Gravel / Dirt Track

The Elands Pass is fairly short, but keep in mind you will be driving the Gamkaskloof Pass as well in order to reach the summit and start of Elands Pass, and is considered one of the best Passes in the country to drive – the “Bucket List Pass” and one that every adventurous 4X4 enthusiasts should do!

The pass is mostly only single-laned with only a few, very precarious spots for oncoming vehicles to pass by. Should you encounter a vehicle ascending the pass, one of you will have to reverse back to a suitable place. It is etiquette to allow the ascending vehicle right of way, but this is not always practical. The safest places which allow vehicles to pass each other are the wider hairpin bends where the road is quite wide, but be very careful and take your time when reversing as one mistake at an unguarded drop-off can cause a disastrous accident.

Elands Pass will take approximately 15 minutes to drive so you have plenty of time to stop and take in the views as well as that award-winning photograph, just 1.3 km’s into the Pass you will get an amazing view of Die Hel Valley. Travellers will have to deal with five very tight hairpin bends, and 49 other bends, corners and curves of varying degrees, but it is the very steep, unguarded drop-offs that tend be unnerving for many drivers and passengers.

It is highly recommended that you gather as much information, video footage and a map of the Gamkaskloof Pass and valley before attempting this Pass.

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