Sheilam Nursery (Cactus & Succulent Garden)

One of the finest collections of specimen plants!

SHEILAM boasts a vast variety of cacti, succulents and cycads. The farm has been recognised by authorities as owning one of the finest collections of specimen plants world-wide boasting approximately 2000 species. Marvel at the sizes, shapes and colours of the very big and the very small. Get up close to the wonderful world of camouflage, self-defence mechanisms and survival strategies. If one looks closely, the most interesting textures and designs are found.

Discover plants such as The Old Man of Peru, Mother-in-Law's-Chair, Horses' Teeth, Elephant Feet, Klipplante (stone plants), Bushman's Grape and lots more!

We offer

  • Guided tours for groups of 4 or more - school classes are welcome! Please book well in advance.
  • Plants for sale from our nursery
  • Wedding favours
  • Corporate gifts
  • Landscaping advice
  • Venue for photo or fashion shoots
  • Please contact us for pricing


Please note : Sundays, Good Friday, 25 December and 26 December we are closed


Established in 1954 by Mr L Malherbe who named the farm after his children Suzan, Helene, Elizabeth, Izak, Louise and Marsha thereby the name SHEILAM. Mr Malherbe was already 70 years old when he started the farm with his collection of old plants.

In 1967 the farm was bought by Lloyd and Winnie Schwegmann, Lloyd extended the farm with his personal collection of plants.

Since 2003 the farm is owned by Garth and Minette Schwegmann.

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