La Mont Bistro & Deli

 Manufacturers of Quality Cheese

We strive to manufacture high quality cheeses for our customers at the best possible price. We specialize in Danish Feta and an Organic range of cheeses.

Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it



White cheese feta (previously named Danish style feta) Combi feta (combination feta - plant fat & skimmed milk)Traditional feta (Greek style feta)


  • Halloumi plain
  • Halloumi with mint
  • Halloumi with mint 3.0kg bucket
  • Halloumi seasonal flavour


  • Montaan (white Gouda)
  • Sweetmilk (sweetmilk Gouda)


  • Royal Ashton
  • Maasdam

Cream cheese

  • Ashton Creme


  • Pecorino
  • Parmesan (fine grated)

The La Mont Bistro & Deli experience

... a little piece of heaven - set in the heart of green pastures and rolling hills where cattle graze daily, Montagne Experience feeds not only the stomach but also the heart and soul. A menu with choices of various cheeses, wines and baked bread and their well know wood fired pizza's can be enjoyed on the wooden deck or in the deli's cozy dining room. 

Nestled on the slope of a hill overlooking the Langeberg Mountain, visitors can enjoy a fantastice panoramic view from the wooden deck. La Mont Bistro & Deli also offers freshly baked bread and locally produced delicacies and handmade products.

Cheese and Wine complement each other. The well known Van Loveren Cellar has partnered with La Mont Cheese at the La Mont Bistro & Deli. Visitors can enjoy cheese & wine pairing, an absolutely gourmet experience which can become quite adventurous. Owned by 3rd generation Retief-family, Van Loveren Vineyards is one of South Africa's best loved wine brands.

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