Burgers Pass

The Burgers Pass starts immediately after a river crossing on the R318, approximately 20 kilometres north-west of the town of Montagu whereafter it starts climbing steadily. The road is narrow but well maintained. As the road starts to bend there are beautiful views of the Koo Valley below. There are also some view stops that provide sweeping views over the Koo Valley.

Distance 5km
Gradient average 1:15
Gradient maximum 1:10
Summit 870m
Surface Tar

The pass is relatively safe with a fairly easy gradient and no sharp bends.  

A few kilometres further you will arrive at the Rooihoogte Pass which will take you to a higher altitude of 857m and the R318 finally ends at the N1.


The Burgers Pass was originally known as the Koo Pass as it served the substantial fruit-growing region known as the Koo Valley. 'KOO' products have stocked the cupboards of South African families for over 80 years! 

The pass was plotted by Thomas Bain and construction by the Divisional Council began in 1876. Due to a lack of funds it was finally only completed in 1887 at a cost of 1000 Pounds Sterling. 

In 1957 the pass was re-named the Burger Pass after a Mr Burger who was a town councillor in the town of Montagu. Burger campaigned tirelessly with the authorities for a road link between the Koo Valley and the N1 highway. Burger was determined to make his pass a traveller friendly one and planted many Australian Blue Gum trees on either side of the road as no indigenous trees would normally grow in this arid landscape.

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