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take your head out of the sand

In the Northern Cape where the land is more rugged, you will find the beautiful Kleinzee Beach. The beach can be found in a little town with the same name and is a tranquil escape from the city life.

The authentic fishing village of Kleinzee is a great place for a weekend getaway or a family holiday. Although it has retained it’s look and feel of a real seaside village, Kleinzee is also slowly becoming more and more popular for the amazing restaurants near its shores that have locally farmed abalone and oysters.

The stunning ivory coloured beach sand is warmed by the summer sun while being cooled by the Atlantic Ocean. The water is fairly cold, even in the summer, but this is greatly refreshing on a sweltering summer’s day and surfers and paddlers in their wetsuits don’t seem to mind.

Lazy strolls, games of Frisbee or building the perfect sandcastle are just a few of the things that this beach is perfect for. Swimming is at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty so staying in the shallow water is advisable.

There are some stunning shipwrecks lying on these sands, this is a stretch of South African coastline that is well-known for just such rusty remains. These will make for loads of fun to explore!

Things to see and do

  • Beach Games
  • Fishing
  • Swimming, no lifeguards
  • Surfing
  • Shipwrecks
  • Restaurants, nearby


There is no admission fee charged, best during daylight hours

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