Hoedspruit Giant (Glencoe Baobab)

The Glencoe Giant Baobab, a Adansonia digitata, at Hoedspruit in the Limpopo province, had a trunk diameter of 15.9m with massive, arching limbs up to 3m thick rising from the muffin-like caudex. With a height of 17m it was the 2nd largest tree in the country. It is estimated that the tree could be several thousand years old although this has not been proven scientifically. The smooth bark of baobabs is well suited for carving inscriptions and the tree has thousands of inscriptions including carvings from 1893 and 1896.

In November 2009 it was revealed that the tree was hollow when the tree unexpectedly split into two parts. Subsequent to that the Giant has split open completely and fallen like a giant octopus to the ground. There is research being carried out on a regular basis into the reasons for this major collapse and in an effort to keep the giant alive. Currently it is not clear whether the tree will survive.

Another perfect specimen stands close by on the same tract of land and is often mistaken for the Hoedspruit Giant.

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