Woodrock Animal Rescue

ACTA NON VERBA - Action not Words

Woodrock Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that has opened its doors to the homeless, abused, neglected, ill, stray, injured, geriatric and unwanted animals who otherwise would have miserable lives and/or premature deaths. The shelter is situated on the road between Fourways and Hartbeespoort and is open to the public for adoptions six days a week.

Woodrock provides food, shelter and medical care such as vaccinations and sterilization and also preventative medical assistance such as deworming and tick and flea dips to all animals at the shelter. Their belief is that every animal deserves a second chance and therefore every effort is made to match the most suitable rescue to its most suitable home. This way, lifelong relationships can be built between the new owner and their newly rescued fur-friend!

Animals are kept in above average conditions as their home is in a large free range environment where the dogs are walked regularly and not confined as in normal “shelter” situations. Each rescue receives personal attention and Woodrock volunteers are specially assigned to “tickle & touch” time with the animals who all thrive on this human interaction!

Woodrock Animal Rescue is funded through community support and their important work on behalf of animals is reliant on the generosity of their donors, so if you can be of assistance in any way as listed below, we urge you to give this special organization a call!

How to help

  •  Adoptions
  • Woodrock Warrior Volunteers
  • Woodrock Funraisers
  • Woodrock Community Services
  • Donations
  • Animal Wish List


No admission fee is charged to visit, however please first contact the shelter to enquire about the adoption process or volunteering 

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