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The Groote Schuur Medical campus is positioned between Main Road and the highway and is next to the Groote Schuur Hospital which is the academic hospital of UCT’s medical school.

It is at this campus that the museum of the first heart transplant can be found. The campus is impressive with its old world charm and begs a visit from every person who finds himself in the City and is visited by many medical students, specialist and residents.

It is the oldest medical school in Southern Africa and its main focus is on research and teaching post graduate and undergraduate students in a wide variety of medical fields.


  • Adult Clinical Medicine
  • Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Paediatrics & Child Health
  • Public Health & Family Medicine


  • Anatomy Building
  • Barnard Fuller Building
  • Braemar (SHAWCO)
  • Chris Barnard Building
  • Clarinus (Groote Schuur Hospital Complex)
  • Falmouth Building
  • Groote Schuur Hospital
  • J.S. Marais Surgical Laboratories
  • Medical Library
  • Medical Residence
  • Old Groote Schuur Hospital
  • Wernher & Beit North (3rd year building)
  • Wernher & Beit South (Physiology)


To be a premier health sciences institution, contributing to global health through leadership, collaboration and social responsiveness.


  • Promote health equity through promoting health professional standards in the delivery of quality health care
  • Educating health professionals, educators and scientists for life; 
  • Undertaking research relevant to the needs of our country, the African continent and globally.


Strive to be:

  • Guided by high ethical & professional standards;
  • Informed by evidence
  • Committed to the principles of respect for human rights and human dignity
  • Led by the values of quality care, health equity and social justice.
  • In our practice, we will aspire to the following Characteristics: 
  • Flexibility
  • Excellence
  • Relevance
  •  Adaptability to change
  • Collaboration and partnership.


  • Respond to the health care needs of South Africa
  • Produce and support health practitioners and scientists capable of addressing health need;
  • Promote a spirit of enquiry
  • Contribute to global health equity.


1912: Beginning of the Faculty of Medicine

1951: Joint Staff agreement signed to formalise the faculty.

1967: First successful heart transplant and pioneering research for the CAT scanner.

1983: Groote Schuur Campus declared a national monument.

1984: Major extensions done on the campus.

1996: Groote Schuur Hospital declared a Western Cape Heritage Site.

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