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The unveiling of this bust of Nelson Mandela took place on 28 April 2014 at Parliament in Cape Town. The bust was placed looking at the Parliament gates at the steps of the National Assembly Building. It was unveiled by President Jacob Zuma in the company of the invited guests among which were family of Nelson Mandela and many dignitaries from South Africa including F.W. De Klerk, former South African President.

The unveiling was part of the countries freedom day celebrations marking 20 years of Democracy.

By unveiling this statue, Parliament is declaring that we will continue to walk in Tata's footsteps, that we will continue to draw lessons and inspiration from his exemplary life and that we will continue to honour his memory.

President Jacob Zuma

President Zuma also paid tribute to Mr De Klerk.

The Bust

The bust, by sculptors  Xhanti Mpakama and Barry Jackson, is made of bronze and is a very good likeness of Nelson Mandela although with a slightly more rounded face than usual and a hint of a smile.

This is an unusual bust as the artists have used grey metal for his hair and suite and bronze for his face that gives this bust a life like appearance. It is an elegant looking bust as it is not flat at its base but forms a 'v' in front that overlaps the granite plinth.

The height of this bust when placed on the granite plinth is 2.28m by 1.5m by 2.2m wide. The cost was R2.5m.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday, 09h00 - 12h00.

There is no entrance fee but booking is essential.

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