Bredasdorp in the Western Cape of South Africa is situated 160 km south east of Cape Town and 35 km north of Cape Agulhus, the most southern tip of Africa.

This small town, despite its fairly rapid development, maintains its’ rural and relaxed type atmosphere. The ideal retreat for the stressed city dweller, Bredasdorp lies on the slopes of the Preekstoel Hill (Pulpit in Afrikaans) offering beautiful surroundings of Giant Proteas and wheat fields.

Bredasdorp is probably most famous for its’ Shipwreck Museum, the only one of its kind in South Africa. The museum documents the rich maritime history of the area also known as the “Graveyard of Ships” and offers all sorts of artifacts from over 130 ship wrecks along the coast such as canons, chinaware, coins, ships bells and furniture.

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All types of accommodation can be found in Bredasdorp and the surrounding area.


The area has high rainfall in the winter months from June to August.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 13˚C and 28˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 2˚C and 20˚C.


There are domestic and International flights into  Cape Town International Airport on a daily basis. Bus services, taxis and car rental companies are available for easy access around the area.


August – Cape Floral Kingdom Expo: experience the variety and splendor of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

September – Agri Mega Week: A 4 day exhibition with workshops and farm produce.

October – Voet van Afrika Marathon: Annual running competition

More festivals can be attended in the surrounding areas, see Cape Town.


Bredasdorp was founded in 1838 by Michiel van Breda, the first Mayor of Cape Town. He is also known as the Father of the Merino Sheep industry as he was the first to introduce the livestock to the area. The Dutch Reformed Church, built on Langefontein, gave origin to Bredasdorp and thus the first town in South Africa.

Besides his valuable input into the farming industry, van Breda was also a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Port Trading Company and later the Chairman of the first Council of Commissioners of the Cape. 

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